The Five Star Program is a comprehensive approach to the treatment of mental-emotional imbalances. The Program consists of five different phases. All these phases are geared toward

  1. Finding and resolving root causes of mental-emotional imbalances
  2. Treating health concerns that may result from mental-emotional imbalances

PrintThe Five Star Program can also be seen as the ideal complement to psychotherapy. It optimizes the outcome of psychotherapeutic interventions, can help overcome unexplainable treatment failure, and can reduce the likelihood of relapse.

It is a five star program for patients who are looking for a comprehensive and integrative solution aimed at treating anxiety, depression, and other mental-emotional or behavioral disorders, as well as related physical concerns such as fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, digestive problems, chronic pain, allergies and more.

The Five Star Program: Overview

Evaluation Phase I: Evaluation

The evaluation stage includes analysis of the present health status, which not only involves lab tests, physical examination, and a thorough medical history, but also aims to identify any disturbing factors that may act as obstacles to a cure. Such factors need to be addressed, as they may prevent the powerful innate physical and psychological self-healing processes of the body from functioning properly.

Examples include: lab tests, exams for nutritional deficiencies, testing for environmental toxicities, hormonal imbalances, genetic dispositions, and structural integrity.

Print Phase II: Establishing The Conditions To Health

The second phase involves instituting a more healthful regimen that includes lifestyle modification and the removal of any obstacles to a cure as identified in phase 1.

Examples include: nutritional counseling, physical activity, coaching, psychotherapy, environmental medicine, cranial release, and spinal adjustment.

Stimulating Self Healing Phase III: Stimulating Self Healing

This phase involves stimulating the innate self-healing processes through low force methods.

Examples include: constitutional hydrotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, neural therapy, and biopuncture

Stimulating Self Healing Phase IV: Supporting Specific Systems & Organs

In the fourth phase Dr. Fischer uses treatment methods that strengthen the immune system, decrease specific organ/system toxicity, mediate inflammation, optimize metabolic function, balance hormones, and enhance regeneration.

Examples include: botanical medicine, orthomolecular medicine, glandulars, bioidentical hormones,
homeopathy, acupuncture, prolotherapy, and stem cell therapy.

Stimulating Self Healing Phase V: Addressing Pathology

In severe cases, pathology needs to be suppressed or removed using specific natural or pharmacological substances. Invasive methods may also be
recommended as a last resort to effectively treat certain pathologies.

Examples include: botanical extracts, prescription medications, and surgery.